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Live Fulfilled In Your Career & Life Trainings

Live Fulfilled In Your Career & Life Trainings

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Position Yourself for Dream Opportunities. Skyrocket Your Salary. Pursue Your Passions.
Live A Fulfilled life.

There’s no better time than the present to be a Black woman or Woman of color.

They’re finally seeing just how incredible we are. It’s time to step into the limelight and take advantage of the plethora of new opportunities Companies are seeking Black and Brown hires at an unprecedented rate. There has been a hiring revolution and we want you to be ready for it.

Learn how to take advantage of the shift, position yourself for dream opportunities, explode your income, and truly live a fulfilling life. 

Stop dreading Monday mornings and start doing work you love, pursuing your passions, and making more money.

The revolution is here - it’s our time. 

You’ll learn from industry leaders, hiring managers from top companies, and professionals like yourself who are killing it at their dream jobs. 

Learn from the leaders, hiring managers, and top professionals about how to position yourself for career opportunities.


Master Your Mindset & Understand the Possibilities 

Destroy the roadblocks that are keeping you from your next level and learn about what’s truly possible in your career.

Career Growth & Strategy

Learn the step-by-step strategies necessary to secure dream opportunities in 2021 as a woman of color.

Your Fulfilled Life

You are more than your career. Learn how to thrive beyond your 9-5 and experience abundance in the areas that matter most to you. 



Session 1 - The New Opportunity for Black Women with Isi Aladejobi

Session 2 - 7 Shifts You Need To Make Right Now To Land Your Dream Job with Isi Aladejobi

Session 3 - Landing Your Dream Job During a Pandemic Panel

Session 4 - Create 6 Figures of Additional Income Based on Your Experience & Industry Knowledge with Liz Simpson

Session 5 - How to Live a Fulfilled Life with Isi Aladejobi

Session 6 - Fulfilled Faith: How to Believe When Everything Is Going Wrong with Ife Oyeleye



Session 1 - Negotiating Your Salary During Covid Panel

Session 2 - How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job with Ashley Franks

Session 3 - Hiring Managers from Top Companies Panel

Session 4 - Make A Power Move - Owning Your Unique Voice, Building Your Personal Brand, & Securing Your Next Promotion with Dorianne St. Fleur

Session 5 - Your Step by Step Roadmap to Living A Fulfilled Life with Isi Aladejobi

Session 6 - Fulfilled Faith - Activating God's Promises Concerning Your Life & Career with Ife Oyeleye

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